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These nice felt impact resistant shades have your name on them. 


As many of you reality show aficionados will know, Jeff Nichols and Francelina Morillo were contestants on Season 14 of NBC’s Biggest Loser. Their story is inspiring for the dedication it took for them to lose incredible amounts of weight, their efforts to continue to adapt their lifestyle since the show and their openness in sharing their journey and struggles to help others face similar challenges.  Most importantly, the show allowed them to find each other and build a beautiful support system of love. 

We are lucky to have Jeff and Francelina as long time members of Stunner of the Month. The two of them have quickly become my favorite reality show couple and the Stunner Royalty were kind enough to answer some questions for us in a little interview. Here is a recap of the wisdom Jeff and Francy wanted to share with the StunMo community. 

Question: How did you guys first hear about Stunner of the Month?

Jeff: Interestingly enough it was by word of mouth, or should I say word of social media.  I was looking at some random photos and I saw someone wearing a pair of stunners and thought they looked ‘stuntastic’ so I checked out some of the hashtags, and with enough digging, I came across the site!

Francelina: Jeff actually put me on! He thought it was a super cool inexpensive concept. Just goes to show that you can be down with the latest trends without digging too deep into your pocket.

Q: What do you like most about being members?

J: Other than the amazing customer service, the biggest and best perk is getting a new pair of unique, quality, and most of all bad ass sunglasses every month.  I am notorious for losing sunglasses, ones that cost an arm and a leg, so now I have some awesome shades at an extremely reasonable price, that I don’t mind might occasionally become a victim to the ocean, or mountains here in SoCal because I know another pair will be on my doorstep soon. 

F: I absolutely love that I never know what’s going to be sent next. I have found that I am more open minded about trying styles I would have never actually purchased if I had tried them on. Now I am rocking all different styles and feeling confident in them!

Q: It’s been about a year and a half since you were on the Biggest Loser.  Now that you have had some time to reflect on your time on the Ranch and all the hard work you have put in since then, would you do it again?

J: The answer is a simple yes.  Not for all the reasons some may think, but mainly because if I didn’t do that, I wouldn’t have met Francelina.  Losing weight was great, but I’m sure with the right motivation I could have done that without the show. That being said, I am also very glad I have gotten the opportunity to help inspire countless others to make a change in their lives.

F: Absolutely! It was a life changing experience for the both of us. Not only did we lose a lot of weight and became healthier versions of ourselves; but, we were able to find love! A real life fairy tale!

Q: What led to your decision to join the show and make your journey so public?

J: At the time I just wanted to lose weight and I knew I needed to do something drastic.  I stumbled across season 13 of the show, and really identified with the guy who won, and said if he can do it, so can I.  So I found out when there was an open casting call near me and just went for it.

F: I felt like I REALLY needed help with such a big lifestyle change. I knew there were others like myself that could identify with me and I hoped my honesty and openness could inspire them to change as well.

Q: What has been your biggest struggle since joining the cast of the Biggest Loser?

J: The biggest struggle has probably just been getting back to the real world.  Balancing work, our own personal projects, traveling, and everything else it can be taxing to try and find the time to get the workouts in, and make the right choice in the kitchen.  But you do the best you can and try and be 100% at least 80% of the time.

F: I believe my biggest struggle coming off the show was transitioning back to normal life. The show is a weight loss competition and included some advantages that when returning to normal life, made things a bit more difficult. During the show, it was our “job” to workout and we were sort of in a controlled environment. The minute you come home and the cameras are no longer rolling that controlled environment is gone. You can no longer workout for hours, just “workout” all day, be surrounded by only other people who are working out, etc.  You have to work hard to find balance between your new lifestyle change and your old life and that part is always a work in progress.

Q: What have you guys been up to since the show ended?

 J: Just taking some time to find ourselves after the show, did some traveling, some motivational speaking, worked for a show affiliate for awhile, and now we made the move we have been talking about for 2 years to sunny San Diego.

F: Jeff and I have been working diligently to find a happy medium with this new lifestyle change and of course finding ways to pay it forward every chance we get!

Q: You have both been incredibly successful in achieving your weight loss goals, what advice would you give to someone trying to motivate to get healthy and looking to embark on a weight loss journey?

J: The biggest piece of advice I have for anyone looking to embark on a healthy journey is to start today.  Start doing something even if it is just walking for 20 minutes, and switching to diet soda vs. regular.  The time is going to pass no matter what, so if you want something, you might as well start today and I guarantee even with small changes in 6 months you’ll be much farther than you would be with no changes.

F: I would say…. make small realistic changes that you can keep up with. Health and wellness is a marathon, not a sprint, so pace yourself !

Q: At Stunner of the Month we think all you really need to look good is a fly pair of Stunner Shades, but what advice would you give to those out there who are having trouble loving the way they look and/or feel?

J: I would say if you have a problem with something that is going on with your personal appearance, and there is something you can do and want to do to change it, then do it.  I am in no position to tell someone they shouldn’t do what they feel they need to, to feel good about themselves.  BUT if you’re looking to make the changes to please someone else, tell that other person to hit the bricks because no one needs that kind of negativity or pressure in their life.

F: It comes from within and it is always a work in progress. Find the strength within yourself to work on the things you can change about yourself but continue to love yourself either way.  Learn to love and accept who you are because you are worthy. Also, throw on a pair of stunners ;) They always kick things up a notch hah!

Q: You have both proven to be epic stunners through your Instagram feeds. What does being a Stunner mean to you?

J: Being a stunner to me just means taking the day by storm, embracing adventure, and going for it, whatever “it” may be.


"The Falcons" Jeff’s favorite pair of Stunner Shades.   

F: Always looking fly no matter what shades I’m in! #stuntingforlife! Stunners have seriously been such a big part of Jeff’s and my journey to California, all the way from Michigan. Its actually pretty cool! Jeff and I used a different pair in each state we were in. We made them part of our memories of our trek to the dream land –San Diego :)

 imageFrancelina looking beautiful in her favorite stunners, the “Nü Metals”.

A big thank you to Jeff and Francelina for taking the time to share their story with us and drop some knowledge. You can follow Jeff and Francy on Instagram and Twitter @franmo42; @francelinam14 and @jeffnichols14 and sign up with promo code BLstunner for $2 off your first month of stunners!

Wishing this stunning couple all the best and hope they inspire our Stunners out there to find the same level of health, love, and happiness.  #time2stun 


In this day and age of constant new inventions and enhancements to daily life, there is a lot of competition for the most brilliant ideas. But this year, one item outdid all the rest as the most stunner lifestyle enhancement. Thanks to Mr. Ryan Grepper of Oregon and his kickstarter campaign, we now have THE COOLEST

This cooler system takes chillin’ outdoors to a whole new level. Whether a picnic in the park, Sunday BBQ, day out on the lake or underground dance party in the woods, the Coolest has everything you need:

- Built in blender and battery

- Bluetooth speaker

- Bottle opener

- Drink holders

- Multiple compartments

- Pack strap 

- Easy portability on wheels.

If you don’t believe us check out the kickstarter video and sign up to get your very own. The only accessory the Coolest needs is a complementary pair of Stunner Shades

As New York Fashion Week comes to a close we want to give a shout out to a notorious fashionista, musician, and sunglass icon, the beautiful Gwen Stefani

Gwen has been a long time trend setter and fashionista dating back to her days as “That blond chick from No Doubt”. She had a powerful influence on teen fashion in the late 90’s, embodying for many the female rock style of short tee’s, baggy pants, sneakers, and red red lipstick. She made tom boy sexy and we all loved it and wanted to be her. 

In 2003 she decided to take advantage of her eye for fashion and started her own fashion line L.A.M.B an acronym for Love Angel Music Baby. While L.A.M.B has yet to come out with a line of shades, Gwen has the perfect face for stunnin’ and we want to pay tribute to her personal collection of sunglasses. 

From the classic “Spectator” look:

To the more attention grabbing “Transformers”

"Futureshocks" (should we rename these the Stefani’s?)

And “Nemos”: 

One thing is for sure, this woman always looks good and makes me wish I could pull off lipstick that well. 

Check out her latest line from NYFW 2014 and get inspired to stun!


This month we will begin running our STUNNER OF THE MONTH CONTEST that gives an opportunity to one of our loyal customers to win some NEW Stunners.

For a chance to enter start posting some pictures of yourself Stuntin’ to our Facebook page or Instagram #Septemberstunner, that are both unique and creative either wearing a pair of our Stunners, or wearing some of our StunMo swag (Limited Edition Stunners, T-shirts, koozies, jerseys + any other Stunner accessories).

*All submissions for August’s Stunner of the Month Contest will be considered for this month’s contest.

We will choose 12 finalists for this month’s contest who will then compete to be September’s Stunner of the Month.


Once you are chosen as a finalist, we will post your pictures in a Facebook album. We are going to have that album of the 12 finalists go up the 22nd of September.  To win the Stunner of the Month contest you will need to get the most likes and comments on your specific photo by September 30th. If you end up ultimately winning the contest you will win 3 pairs of Stunners randomly chosen for you as well as a 3 month subscription to give away to a friend or family member.


Once the contest has started we encourage you to engage your friends on your various social media networks to like and comment on your photo. 

Good luck and stay Stuntin’ Ya’ll!

* Finalists will be chosen September 22nd so get your pictures up!

NYC Fashion week kicks off today for a look at the top styles for Fall and Winter 2014. In anticipation of the week’s events we wanted to take a look back at some of the flyest lady stunners from Spring Fashion Week and the stunners we have in stock to get you ready for Fall. 

1. These Diane Von Furstenberg sunglasses completed this getup perfectly and could easily be replaced with our La Dolce Vita stunners for a similarly classy look. 


2. Tommy Hilfiger complemented one of his getups with these red reflective lens shades. Our Crystal Lights that come in a variety of color combinations would make a great substitute. 


3. Zero Conejo tied this interesting sweater piece together with a pair of sleek round blue framed shades which bear a striking resemblance to our very own NY Dolls.  


4. These flower sunnies by Kate Spade are a slightly lighter version of our very own ‘Funeral' stunner shades available in black and white color combinations. 


5. Rag and Bone went with a striking round frame two tone shade highly reminiscent of our Keith Haring stunners. 


6. And finally, a shout out to Jeremy Scott for having his model rock these outrageous super stunners. We got nothin’ on ya. 


We are excited to get a look at this year’s NYC fall sunglass lineup. If you’re out there, send us pics of your favorite new shades and we’ll try to get them in our rotation. 

Happy Fashion Week ya’ll!


Getting Drunk at America’s Finest Chain Restaurants

Perhaps it’s my advancing age, my predilection for playing the sourpuss, or merely my growing disinterest in ceremony of any sort, but I’d rather eat in the shit end of a strip mall than get gussied up for a night on the town in the kind of genericly chic hotspots that now litter America’s cities. The lamentations of my colleagues as far afield as London over the insidious creeping dread of gentrification are now as familiar to journalism as Beyonce think-pieces, pointless aggregation of Daily Show clips, and Oxford commas.

We’ve bitched about gentrification’s florid fare and prentitious air of exclusion, but what’s the alternative? The aggressive gourmet flatulence of trendy urban neighborhoods makes me long for the affordable, bland, but comforting chain restaurants of my youth. I’m talking about the kind of place where the ads implore you to “let your hair down,” “unwind,” and “be family.” 

Those sentiments seem trite, but are actually what we crave the most, especially here in America. We want to belong, we want to be accepted, and we want to get drunk on cheap liquor. Those aren’t virtues anymore when fancy gastropubs charge $17 for a burger and $8 for a pint of beer. We are being robbed of the one thing that makes us American: our love of inexpensive, generic bullshit.

The first Denny’s in Manhattan opened last week, and features a $300 version of their popular Grand Slam meal that comes with a bottle of Dom Perignon. We can’t even pray at the altar of the classic American diner without being reminded of what we don’t have. Are well-heeled day traders in Manhattan going to pop in for bacon and eggs, with a side of champagne? What’s next, a Happy Meal that comes with an XBox? 

Reveling in popular culture, while also suckling at the sweet, sparkling teat of opulance is de rigueur these days. Restaurants sell gussied up versions of comfort food and charge through the nose for it. But what about just having normal comfort food? Can’t I just pleasure myself on top of a greasy plate of “grub” while knocking back a few discounted Happy Hour beverages? Thatbeautiful disaster exists solely in the safe, sanitized vortex of the suburban chain restaurant.



This August we would like to pay tribute to the late, great stunner, Mr. Bobby Womack. Collaborating with such big names as Sam Cook, Aretha Franklin, and Ray Charles, Womack has been at the center of soul music since the 1950’s. While Womack had his ups and downs on the music scene, he was consistent in his talent and his noteworthy stunner shades. 

This month’s StunMo Soundsystem music mix, StunWo, featured on mixcloud pays tribute to Bobby. Enjoy it in tribute to the man and Soul Stunner Legend with this look back at some of his best styles. 


A young Womack sporting some Parentheses.


That red leather though…


Womack sportin’ some NYC Doll style shades. 


Bobby in some ‘Bennie’ style shades. 


Womack wearing some of our good friend Cyrus Kabiru's stunners back in 2012. 


Womack in some Cyrus Kabiru Stunner art on the cover of Clash. 

R.I.P. and much love to a great talent and a true stunner.

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